Can You Spell the Most Misspelled Words in America?

Google revealed the most-searched term in every state—and the results are fascinating and hilarious. (Really, Wisconsin?)

If you can’t spell “sauerkraut,” you might be from Pennsylvania. At least, that’s the most Googled word there, according to Google Trends. To celebrate the Scripps National Spelling Bee this year, everyone’s favorite search engine compiled data on the most searched terms (that were paired with the phrase “How to spell…) and ranked them by state. The results? Fascinating… and hilarious. (Would you be able to spell the winning words from the last 10 Scripps National Spelling Bees without peeking?)

“Pneumonia,” with its silent p, was understandably tricky for residents of Alabama, Maine, and Washington. “Beautiful” stumped Californians and New Yorkers, as well as Kentuckians, Minnesotans, and Ohioans. Even words with less than five letters, like quote, sense, and liar, seemed to baffle Americans from Rhode Island to Oregon. (If you want to prove your own spelling skills, this surprisingly hard 1974 spelling test will drive you crazy.)

The real puzzle in this social experiment, however, was Wisconsin. Its residents needed the most help spelling their own state’s name. Really?

At least people living Connecticut and West Virginia can walk away with their heads held high. Both searched how to spell “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” the most often. Now that’s a real tongue twister. (Good and bad spellers alike: Make sure you fix the most commonly misspelled word on job resumes in your application.)

What’s the most misspelled word in your state? Take a look at Google’s map below. If you can spell it, you’re probably smarter than most of the people you live with. Then check out these hilarious typos—you’ll never believe they were actually printed!

Brooke Nelson
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