This Map Shows the Most Popular Christmas Gift in Every State

Gift trends vary by state, and an analysis from Treetopia has uncovered the most popular present in every state. Can you guess the top one in yours?

Gifts are a fun, thoughtful way to show your loved ones how much you care—but they can also turn into a major holiday stress fest. If you have no idea where to start in your holiday shopping, the most popular present in your state (or the best regional gifts from every state) might spark some inspiration.

Artificial tree retailer Treetopia took a deep look into holiday gift trends. The company created a list of historically common gifts (like gift cards and coffee), plus trendy items (like iPhones and Hatchimals toys) and other items that were trending (like makeup kits). Looking just at 2016, the company used Google Trends to figure out which gifts were most searched in each state that year.

Tech gifts seem to be taking center stage, according to the findings. The most common gift in 2016 was an iPhone, which showed up as number one in 11 states. Bluetooth speakers were the top gift in four states. But that doesn’t mean print is totally old-fashioned! Washington was the only state with Kindle as the top gift, but books were the most-searched in both Maine and Vermont.

Gifts that keep giving are also a popular pick. Subscription boxes and “of the month” clubs doubled in top spots since 2015, landing at the top of six states last year. For kids (or maybe adults who are young at heart), video games seemed to be the top choice, showing up as the most popular in five states. Legos were the most searched in Nebraska, while skateboards were popular in Arizona and California. (For more inspiration, check out these 100 gift ideas for people who are impossible to shop for.)

Did you give (or get) the most popular gift in your state last year? Check out the infographic to find out.
this-is-the-most-popular-christmas-gift-in-every-state-courtesy-treetopiaCourtesy Treetopia

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