This Is the Most Popular Day to Get Engaged (It’s Not Valentine’s Day!)

It's actually sooner than you think!

This-Is-the-Most-Popular-Day-for-Marriage-Proposals-(It's-Not-Valentine's-Day!)_392382031_Pavel-YavnikPavel Yavnik/Shutterstock

Waiting for that ring by spring? Wait no longer. While a proposal could certainly be in your future (especially if you’ve been with your significant other for the average time a couple dates before getting married), they might pop the question sooner than you think.

Of course, every part of a marriage proposal is loaded with tradition, all the way down to why we propose on one bended knee. But here’s another, lesser-known one: Not only is December the most popular time for proposals, but over half of all engagements that month tend to occur during the week of December 19th. This year, about 100,000 proposals are likely to happen during the Christmas season alone, according to, the U.K.’s no.1 wedding planning app and website.

After examining monthly data from last year’s engagements, Bridebook predicts that the most popular day for proposals this year will be Saturday, December 23rd. Sunday, December 24th is likely to be a close runner-up, the wedding planning website estimates.

“Historically the Christmas weekend has always been a popular time for people looking to pop the question to choose,” a spokesperson for the brand told Harper’s Bazaar. Why? Think about it: Since family and friends are often gathered to celebrate the holidays already, it’s a convenient time to whip out the ring. And by the way, this is why we propose with diamond engagement rings.

Talk about a holiday you’ll never forget! Ready to say “I do”? Brush up on what every newly engaged couple should do after popping the question.

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