This Map Shows the Most Popular Thanksgiving Dish in Every State

From Texan's love of chicken spaghetti to Maryland's famous crab cake, turkeys everywhere rejoice over not making this list!

map thanksgiving dishesCourtesy General MillsAh, the sleep inducing, football watching, turkey-obsessed, Thanksgiving meal. For many around the country the turkey is the unfortunate star of our dinner tables every November. In 1911, a Vest Pocket Essay published in the San Francisco Call noted, “The turkey is the national bird of thankfulness,” and “the patriotic turkey dies for his country on Thanksgiving day,” shares NPR. Not sure the turkeys are aware of their patriotism or they’d agree to make this sacrifice, but we have some good news for them—they don’t rank as the most popular Thanksgiving food in any state. (Hosting this year? Downloading our free Thanksgiving Planner with recipes, a timeline, jokes and more, is an absolute must.)

General Mills broke down the most popular and unusual food by state, using search data from Betty and Their research showed a lot of you are serving up that other bird, the chicken. Think Buffalo Chicken dip (Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virgina), chicken and dumplings (Arizona and Kentucky), chicken pot pie (Maine), and chicken spaghetti (Mississippi and Texas). Then there are crabs. Maryland, known for its blue crabs and crab cakes, and New Jersey like featuring crab cakes as part of their Thanksgiving spread. And what about monkeys? Monkey bread that is. Rhode Island, Iowa, and Nebraska all have a thing for this crescent roll sweet treat that oozes caramel and cinnamon but has nothing to do with creatures that swing from trees or munch on bananas. See what dish is most popular in your state above, then read on to find out the best craft beer in every state.

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