The Most Popular Uber Eats Quarantine Orders by State

Order some takeout during quarantine—do it for your fellow countrymen!

The most outlandish thing about a global pandemic is that as the world grinds to a halt, I’m still allowed, nay, encouraged even, to get takeout. It is actually my civic duty and suddenly I am this country’s most upstanding citizen—a patriot, really. Plus, I can’t cook! The only thing I can start from scratch is an argument.

Independent eateries across the country are experiencing a massive downturn as takeout orders become their only source of revenue—but multi-million dollar company Uber Eats is experiencing a surge. The food delivery service saw a 10 percent increase in sales and 30 percent increase in their customer base just a few weeks into quarantine. We’re all facing some serious financial upheaval under coronavirus—here’s what you should know about it.

Uber Eats recently released a list of the cuisine most hankered for during quarantine in 35 states. As a lifelong takeout aficionado and Taurus, this garnered my rapt attention. Some of its findings were to be expected: French fries (or some variation) were the most frequently delivered food in nine states, and Pennsylvania’s favorite order was a Philly cheesesteak. Others, not so much—residents of Iowa love their poké bowls and Rhode Islanders just want hotdogs, apparently. Very interesting findings indeed, especially when you stack them up against the most delicious food from every state.

Here’s the most popular Uber Eats order by state in the month of March:

Arizona: French Fries

California: Chicken Tikka Masala

Colorado: Carne Asada Fries

Connecticut: Burrito Bowl

Florida: French Fries

Georgia: Pad Thai

Hawaii: BBQ Mixed Plate

Illinois: French Fries

Indiana: Waffle Fries

Iowa: Large Poké Bowl

Kentucky: Pad Thai

Louisiana: Chips and Queso

Maine: Cheese Pazzo Bread

Maryland: Bacon, Egg, and Cheese

Massachusetts: Burrito

Michigan: Pad Thai

Minnesota: Garlic Naan

Missouri: Crab Rangoon

Montana: Enchiladas

Nevada: Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

New Jersey: Chicken Sandwich

New York: Jerk Chicken

North Carolina: Nachos

Ohio: Notso Fries

Oklahoma: Spicy Tuna Roll

Oregon: Fried Chicken

Pennsylvania: Cheesesteak

Rhode Island: Hot Dog

South Carolina: French Fries

Tennessee: Pad Thai

Texas: Pad Thai

Utah: Carne Asada Fries

Virginia: French Fries

Washington: French Fries

Wisconsin: Crab Rangoon