My Mother-in-Law Not Only Gave Me Her Son Back in 1959—She Made Me the Most STUNNING Wedding Dress

It was the ultimate family heirloom.

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With my wedding fast approaching, I began putting serious thought into what I wanted for my gown. Even after looking at a number of Brides magazines, I was unable to find the perfect dress.

Remembering that my fiancé’s mom enjoyed sewing, I asked her if she would make my gown, provided I found her some patterns. She readily agreed. I’ll never forget the special trips to fabric stores with my mom-to-be, who was filled with patience, to pick out the patterns and the materials for my dress. Sometimes it’s important to listen to your mother-in-law–follow her advice when it comes to these things.

After a time, everything fell into place, and I was ecstatic on the day of my last fitting. As I looked into the mirror with my mom-to-be at my side, I realized she had made my dreams come true. Not only was she giving me her son—she had also given me the perfect gown.

When my daughter, Kathy, was planning her wedding 29 years later, she said she wanted to wear my gown. We unwrapped it for the first time since 1959, and she loved it just as much as I did (it costs far more to get married today than in 1959!)

On Kathy’s big day, I watched my mother-in-law as her granddaughter walked down the aisle in the same lace gown she had sewn all those years ago.

I knew then that she realized how much she had given two women on their wedding days.

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Originally Published in Reminisce