It’s Now Easier Than Ever to Move to Japan—Here’s How

In some cases, you can become a resident in just one year.

JapanESB Professional/ShutterstockLooking for a change of pace—or even a mid-life career change? Japan has an offer that’s pretty hard to refuse. Hoping to attract more highly skilled workers from abroad, the country just revealed new rules that will make it easier than ever to gain permanent residency. If all goes well, it could take you just one year!

Under current law, all immigrants are eligible for permanent residency after living in Japan for 10 years. But a points-based system can cut your wait time in half. Applicants who score a certain number of points—as ranked by the system’s rubric—are eligible for a permanent resident visa after five years. And thanks to the new update, it can take three years for applicants scoring over 70 points and just one year for those scoring over 80 points to earn a visa.

The point system assigns an applicant’s score based on categories such as academic background, career achievements, salary, age, licenses, position, and special achievements. You can also earn points by investing in Japanese businesses and earning a degree from a highly rated institution. But to really fit in, you’ll want to know these must-follow rules when eating Japanese food.

The new measures will go into effect in March. So, what are you waiting for? To submit your own application, check out the Ministry’s website. And best of luck! Get pumped for the move with these weird things you can only find in Japan.

[Source: Business Insider]

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