This Historic Mansion Is All Yours for 10 Bucks—If You Can Move It

It's actually a pretty unbelievable deal.

mansionDmitry Natashin

If you’re looking to buy a home on the cheap, Montclair, New Jersey probably isn’t the first place the realtor is going bring you to. You pull up to any given house and it seems just perfect. It’s 25 minutes from New York City, has street parking, and a spare room that could be converted into maybe a nursery. But the price tag is too steep, and you leave, crestfallen. 

But the realtor, let’s call her Kim, has a trick up her sleeve! What if she told you that you could live in a beautiful Montclair mansion, for just 10 bucks? Kim isn’t tricking you, technically—but she may be omitting some information.

(If you’re trying to get a little bit more than $10 on the market for your home, you need to paint your home this color.)

According to Atlas Obscura, a beautiful, 111-year-old house in Montclair is up for sale for just $10, but the catch is that you’d have to physically move the house from its current location. The property at 44 Pleasant Ave was recently approved by the Montclair Planning Board for a new housing development, but in order to start construction, the current house has to be removed.

But it cannot be destroyed, per the agreement. So, much like Bikini Bottom, someone has to take the historic home at 44 Pleasant Ave and push it somewhere else.

All told, the deal would still be, well, a deal. Here’s how the math shakes out: the house is valued at $1.35 million, the current asking price is $10, and, according to the New York Times, the cost to move a house can run up to $60,000. You’d be paying approximately 4.4 percent market value, not bad.

If lugging this mansion seems like too tough a task, maybe settle for a more realistic home. Like, say, the farm from Charlotte’s Webit’s for sale, after all.

Source: Atlas Obscura 

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