5 Things You Should Never Make in an Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is our new kitchen hero, but there are a few things this multi-tasking tool just shouldn't do.

instant potKen McKayI/TV/REX/ShutterstockIt seems like every home cook has jumped on the Instant Pot bandwagon—and for good reason! This multi-tasking appliance is a kitchen all-star. It pressure cooks, slow cooks, sautés, and so much more. With so many settings, it seems like you can make almost anything in this new device. Almost is the key word there. It turns out there are some things that you just shouldn’t make in your Instant Pot, whether they’re dangerous or just a waste of time, here are some don’ts for Instant Pot users.

Fried chicken

The crispy chicken you crave—you know, like the kind you get from KFC—is not going to come from an Instant Pot. That’s because the key to successful frying is getting the oil hot enough, which your new pressure cooker isn’t able to do. The Instant Pot might be good for a quick pan fry or sauté, but it’s not a deep fryer. Here’s how you can make perfect, irresistible fried chicken at home.

Dairy-heavy dishes

Anything that uses milk as a main ingredient (like cream soups or even macaroni and cheese) can be a struggle to make in your pressure cooker. The high heat can make the milk curdle which is not exactly appetizing. So approach these dishes with caution if you choose to proceed.

Jams, jellies, and preserves

To successfully can those fresh raspberries for a delicious spread, you have to be able to closely monitor the temperature as you cook. Which is something that the Instant Pot can’t do (it measures the pressure). So stay away from any canning recipes with your Instant Pot—even pickles.


While you can make bread in an Instant Pot, due to the way the appliance cooks, you won’t get that nice, crispy crust on the outside—and isn’t that one of the best parts? Don’t miss these other baking mistakes you could be making, too.


There’s a reason your favorite beef and broccoli stir-fry is typically made in a wok—the high heat and wide pan are essential to get the right texture and taste. While the Instant Pot can get hot, the pot’s surface area isn’t large enough to get the right sear.

If this list sounds overwhelming, don’t worry! Try these other ways to get the most use out of your instant pot. 

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