Here’s How You Can Use Google to Make Your Allergies WAY More Manageable

Don't spend this allergy season sniffling and sneezing. Just Google it!

Sneeze and sniffle season is almost upon us. Are you prepared? For one, you can start with allergy-proofing your home. But when all else fails, Google always has you covered.


Data shows that we tend to scour the Internet for allergy remedies in April and May, and then again in September—and good old Google took note. Everyone’s favorite search engine recently teamed up with, and together they made the daily pollen index and forecast available directly on the Google search page.

Thanks to this partnership, you can also receive reminders via the Google App when the pollen count in your area is particularly high. To opt into those notifications, simply search for pollen levels or the local pollen forecast on Google, and then select the “turn on” option. Done! Pretty soon, you’ll be tossing your tissues for good. (You can also try even more surprising ways to stop seasonal allergies in their tracks.)


“Google is making efforts to make it easier to understand your health,” the company said. “This is just one new feature added to that effort.”

But this isn’t the first Google update that makes our lives way easier. They recently launched a job search engine for jobseekers looking to make a big move. And thanks to a new feature called “My Activity,” you can keep tabs on exactly what Google knows about you (which turns out to be a whole lot more than you thought).

Color us impressed. Honestly, what can’t Google do?

Brooke Nelson
Brooke is a tech and consumer products writer covering the latest in digital trends, product reviews, security and privacy, and other news and features for