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Nicest Places in America 2021

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For the fifth year in a row, Reader’s Digest is searching for the Nicest Place in America where people are kind, resilient, and work to make their communities a better place. After America faced a global pandemic and fought together for racial equality in 2020, this year is one of healing and building, of bouncing back stronger, together. We are seeking stories of places where people are nice, where they are coming together to heal, where unity and civility are winning. Please submit them in the form below.

The Nicest Place in America 2020

Buchanan, Michigan!

When COVID-19 struck, the people of Buchanan, Michigan, would not be defeated. When the evil of racial injustice rose, they united to say in one voice, “not in our town!” The people of Buchanan will restore your faith in America.

Read the full story of how the citizens of Buchanan came together to honor the troops after their annual Memorial Day parade was cancelled due to the pandemic and more stories from other Nicest Places across the United States.