The Scientific Reason You Should Cancel Your 2 P.M. Meetings

No, it's not because your Venti Red Eye let you down.

It slides right into your field of vision, an inch above your dashboard. “Operating the New H.R. Landscape—Carol, 2 P.M.” A mid-afternoon meeting which you have neither the energy nor inclination to attend. Inexplicably, you, and seemingly everyone else in the office has hit a wall every single day right around the same time. You may think it’s your morning caffeine wearing off or one of these seven things that are draining your energy levels, but it’s actually something else entirely.

A new, albeit small, study from Australia’s Swinburne University of Technology conducted brain scans on 16 healthy men while completing cognitive games at different times of the day.  When the game results came in, the participants consistently scored lowest on the 2.P.M. trial as opposed to the 10 A.M. or 7.P.M. trial.


The brain scans showed that the section of the brain associated with rewards, the left putamen, was least active during this time of day. Essentially, the brain has steeled itself to believe that nothing of particular interest is going to happen around 2 p.m—lunch is behind you, and 5 p.m. is still a ways off. Mentally, you sit on an island of dull doldrums.  

So, how can one solve this issue? Scheduling a second breakfast around lunch time and then bumping lunch to two might just do it. Or, designate that period of time as your slot to unwind—this activity is scientifically proven to relieve stress at work. And heaven knows you’re plenty stressed out as it is

[Source: Mother Nature Network]

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