This Cell Phone NEVER Needs to Be Plugged In to Recharge—Seriously

Ever get frustrated because your cell phone battery seems to drain super quick? Researchers are coming up with a solution for that.

cellphoneTATSIANAMA/ShutterstockSmartphones have afforded us frills. The pocket staple of basically every person in 2017 has more computing power than a spacecraft and more space than 88,888 floppy disks (if that isn’t enough space for you, try out this iPhone hack to clear up some more). However, smartphones do fall short in a department which the bulky Nokias of old still rule supreme: battery life.

Some may say the solution to a top right red bar staring you down constantly may be further innovation in battery technology. But there is another way, and it involves throwing the battery out the window entirely.

A group of researchers from the University of Washington are using Soviet-era technology to make this sans-cell cell a reality. The cell phone uses radio waves which are transmitted from a separate base to power the unit instead of a standard battery.

The functionality of the phone is pretty limited; it can transmit audio and receive audio, but can’t do so simultaneously. It’s a technology which has practical applications when the phone is strictly being used as a phone—don’t expect to find Space Invader pre-loaded on this model. (But did you know that your current iPhone keyboard has a hidden mouse?!)

The hardware itself looks more like the innards of a computer than a standard smartphone, but the pared-down design allows it to function on the least-required energy possible.

For this phone, data overages are a thing of the past. Until this is made available to the public, however, this is your best bet if you’re trying to cut down on data costs.

Source: Smithsonian