10 Funny Numbers to Call for a Good Laugh

Time to take your pranks to the next level! These hilarious numbers to prank call are guaranteed to make anyone LOL.

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Sometimes, we just need a quick and easy laugh—and there’s nothing quicker or easier than picking up the phone and dialing in some laughs. But this April Fools’ Day, we’re putting a twist on the classic idea of numbers to prank call. The time of anonymously calling up your friend or a complete stranger as an April Fools’ prank has come and gone, especially since it can be mean-spirited and everyone has Caller ID anyway. Instead, pass along one (or more!) of these numbers to give that special someone a chuckle.

Or if you’re feeling extra silly, call them yourself! These prank call numbers make for the perfect April Fools’ pranks for kids and parents alike. And if you love this, try these April Fools’ text pranks next. Happy dialing!

The most hilarious prank call numbers

From Better Call Saul, Saul Goodman’s hotline: 505-503-4455

Know someone who’s absolutely obsessed with Better Call Saul, the hit spinoff of the other outrageously popular TV series Breaking Bad? If so, send this funny number to call their way ASAP. Saul Goodman will “answer” the phone and give his infamous legal advice: Keep your mouth shut and your head down! For the right fan, this may be even more appreciated than a gag gift or April Fools’ Day meme.

Santa’s workshop: 951-262-3062

Ho, ho, ho! Who says Santa takes the month of April off? Call up Santa’s personal hotline to speak with the man in red himself. Not only is this one of the best numbers to prank call for kids, but it works just as well for adults who are looking for a chuckle and a dose of childlike wonder. Don’t forget to tell Santa what you want for Christmas while you’re at it. And if you’re looking for more holiday-themed numbers, check out these Butterball hotlines for Turkey Day.

From Stranger Things, Murray Bauman’s residence: 618-625-8313

Revisit the Stranger Things craze by dialing Murray Bauman’s number, which was revealed in the third season of the hit Netflix show. Murray, a private investigator–slash–conspiracy theorist, has a special message for two important women in his life: Joyce Byers, in regard to their joint quest to save the world, and his mother, who is sure to make anyone chuckle. This is the perfect April Fools’ joke for any fan of the Upside Down. Also, if you’re into astrology, here are some pranks to pull based on your zodiac.

Callin’ Oates: 719-266-2837

There’s nothing like some unexpected ’70s pop rock to make you laugh more. Give this phone number to an unsuspecting friend, and they’ll be giggling in no time as a British female operator tells them they’ve reached the Callin’ Oates hotline. One of the best numbers to prank call for music lovers, it gives you the choice to listen to some of Hall & Oates’s biggest hits: Press 1 for “One on One,” 2 for “Rich Girl,” 3 for “Maneater” and 4 for “Private Eyes.” While you’re at it, here are some prank videos for the right April Fool’s inspiration.

Rickrolled: 248-434-5508

Boom—you just got Rickrolled! Or at least this is what you can tell someone after sending them this number, which will immediately start playing Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Not familiar with Rickrolling? It’s an Internet term for pranking someone by randomly sending them videos of the ’80s pop hit. It’s time to take this trend to the telephone, which will make your victim all the more unsuspecting. This has “April Fools’ prank for a boyfriend” written all over it!

Worst hold music: 858-924-0180

Waiting on hold for an eternity while the same jingle replays over and over is the absolute worst. Or is it? This number takes the cake for the actual absolute worst hold music. Yep, that’s the sound of Britney Spears’s “Toxic” being played by an extremely out-of-tune recorder (aptly named “S****yfluted” on YouTube). This funny number to call is sure to cause a laugh … until the listener starts screaming.

Test call gone wrong: 914-737-9938

Sometimes you’re just over your job … and the voice on the other end of this number can relate! What starts out as a normal test-call announcement for Westchester County, New York, turns into a pretty hilarious prank-call opportunity. “This is a CPTA announcement. This is a test,” starts out the voice. “I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to say, and I’m not too concerned with it.” Talk about blasé! This harmless gag is a perfect office prank.

From South Park, Trey Parker’s number: 719-838-4002

Calling all South Park enthusiasts! This number goes directly to Trey Parker’s alleged voicemail—and he has some pretty funny things to say. Just be warned that you’ll be in the mood to binge-watch the series afterward.

Sesame Street hotline: 626-831-9333

While this funny number to call may seem geared toward kids at first, who wouldn’t want to hear beloved childhood characters Grover and Oscar the Grouch give some silly life advice? This harmless prank call number is sure to produce not only laughter but also a smile. Just don’t take anything Oscar says too seriously!

Kids pep-talk line: 707-873-7862

This pep-talk hotline contains encouraging messages from—you guessed it—kids. Both silly and adorable, this is one of those numbers to prank call to get someone out of a funk. And really, it’s more of a precious gift than a prank, if you ask us!

Now that you know all about the best numbers to prank call, it’s time to learn about the biggest scam phone numbers to avoid.

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