Which Old-Lady Names Will Your Great-Granddaughters Have?

If name fads hold, they'll be right in style with these monikers.

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Adam Voorhes for Reader’s Digest

Between 1968 and 1988, a lot of moms and dads named their daughter Jennifer, and now almost no one does. Jennifer was officially a Name Fad. Which means that while Jennifers have enjoyed spending most of their lives with a cute, hip, young-girl name, they are on their way to having Your Mom’s Friend’s Name (one that many thirty- and forty-somethings have).

A few decades after middle age, Jennifers can look forward to having an Old Lady Name—a name that belongs to lots of women over 75.

This means that Jennifer is irreparably branded with her generation forever. Luckily, she has company:

In 30 years, the names Natalie, Isabella, Samantha, and Ashley will sound how Nancy, Cheryl, Shirley, and Linda do today. And in 60 years, the names Ethan, Jayden, and Brandon will be Earl, Bernard, and Melvin. Why? Because no one is safe from Name Fad.

What names do you like for the next generations? Tell us in the comments below.

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