After Her Older Brother Died, This High School Senior KNEW He Was Still Watching Over Her. Then She Got This Sign.

This young girl has a guardian angel looking out for her.

Oct_2016_true_stories_Kagan_McLeod_US161045AIllustration by Kagan Mcleod

On a crisp fall morning, my daughter Laura went to pose for her senior pictures with her brother Josh’s bright green snowboard. Josh had died in a motorcycle accident the summer before, and Laura, an avid snowboarder, wanted his board in the shot.

The photographer knew the perfect ­backdrop—­a vibrant graffiti wall in town. He peered through the lens, ­focused, and gasped. We all looked up and read the words spray-painted on the wall above Laura’s head: “Big Bro Is Watching.”

What a beautiful reassurance that she has a guardian ­angel.

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