On Hand Help for Budding Home Chefs

Even the savviest chefs among us occasionally have a food drama.

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Even the savviest chefs among us occasionally have a food drama. How long do I boil in order to parboil? How do I keep a sauce from falling apart or how do I salvage the meal when I do? Just what is this weird looking gadget used for? What the heck is chipped butter?

These are all real questions that have been asked at Food Pickle, the first real time food question and answer site from food52.com. Ask your food question and get a real answer from the site’s moderators and everyone else using the site. You can even text message the community or ask a question via Twitter @foodpickle.

If you’re curious:

1. Parboil

The consensus is that to parboil something you should dip it in a colander and boil it for 30 seconds.

2. A broken currant-pear sauce

The currant and pear sauce ingredients should be boiled first without most of the fruit since both fruits break down quickly.

3. Weird gadget

This is either a waffle cutter for potatoes and vegetables or a lattice cutter for pie pastry.

4. Chipped butter

The community told the cook to skip the grating of the butter and just cube cold butter.

Keep this site on hand for the next time you’re in a jam…er…pickle.

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Originally Published in Reader's Digest