What to Expect for “Only Murders in the Building” Season 3

"Only Murders In The Building" Season 3 is welcoming Paul Rudd, Jesse Williams and Meryl Streep to the Arconia apartments

When season one of Only Murders in the Building debuted in 2021, it quickly became one of the most-watched Hulu TV shows on the platform. The murder-mystery/comedy series stars Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez as neighbors who live in a posh Manhattan apartment complex called the Arconia where, unfortunately, people keep getting murdered. Like so many of us, the trio was obsessed with true-crime podcasts, which inspired them to become amateur sleuths themselves and as they dug into the mysterious deaths around them, they turned their findings into a podcast of their own, called Only Murders In The Building.

A third season of the show was confirmed back in July, and as the show slowly begins production, we’re learning more and more about what—and who—we can expect to see when it premieres.

What’s happened in Only Murders in the Building so far?

Allow us to catch you up to speed on seasons one and two [SPOILERS AHEAD]. In season one, we met Mabel Mora (Gomez), a young artist living in the luxurious Arconia apartments. When her neighbor, Tim Kono, died in an apparent—but suspicious— suicide, Mabel teamed up with her fellow residents Charles Haden-Savage (Martin), an actor whose biggest role was a popular TV detective, and Oliver Putnam (Short), a Broadway director with a flair for the dramatic and a love of dips, to find out how Tim really died. Our intrepid detectives even suspected the musician Sting, who made a cameo as a resident of the fictional apartment building. Along the way, they consult Cinda Canning (Tina Fey), the well-known host of another true-crime podcast, All Is Not Ok in Oklahoma.

As happens in so many murder podcasts and true-crime books, the killer was right in front of us the whole time. Charles’s new girlfriend, Jan (Amy Ryan) who had been romantically involved with Tim, was revealed to have killed him in the finale of season one. As season one wound to a triumphant end, another mysterious death occurred in the building. Charles and Oliver discover Mable sitting by the body of Bunny Folger (Jayne Houdyshell), the grumpy president of the building’s co-op board, and, once again, every tenant was under suspicion, including Mabel.

However, as season two began, it was apparent that Mabel simply found the body, and our detectives were back at it. After a whole bunch of twists and turns, Poppy White (Adina Verson), Cinda’s assistant, was revealed to be Becky Butler, the apparently dead subject of Cinda’s first podcast, who pitched her own supposed death to Cinda and became her assistant. She also turned out to have murdered Bunny while attempting to steal her valuable painting, intending to gain fame and fortune from selling it.

What celebrities have starred in Only Murders in the Building?

The Only Murders in the Building cast has featured top-notch guest stars who have appeared in the first two seasons. In addition to Sting and Tina Fey’s appearances, Shirley MacLaine stopped by to play Bunny Folger’s mysterious mother, and Nathan Lane also stars as a resident (and one-time murder suspect) at the Arconia. Season two featured a cameo by Amy Schumer who, just like Sting, played a fictionalized version of herself.

Here’s what we’re expecting from season 3 of Only Murders in the Building

In the season two finale, the show gave us a little taste of what’s to come in season three, introducing us to a new character named Ben Glenroy played by Paul Rudd. In the final moments of season two, Glenroy died almost as soon as he arrived on screen, setting up the murder mystery for the next season. Though his character is dead, Rudd is confirmed to appear in season three.

Then, a few months ago, it was announced that one of the first major guest appearances in the Arconia would be former Grey’s Anatomy star, Jesse Williams. Williams will join the crew as a documentarian who’s interested in the new murder case.

Now, the latest addition to the cast was announced only days ago: Emmy, Oscar and Golden Globe winner—Meryl Streep! We’ll give you a moment to freak out like tons of fans did all over social media.

What do we know about Streep’s guest appearance?

We may not know many details about Streep’s appearance just yet, but Gomez took to social media to both reveal that Streep was joining the cast and to express her excitement and gratitude.

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“I could cry,” Gomez wrote in her caption of an Instagram video post of Streep hilariously asking the cast if she could get them anything. “Just the tea that I had asked for half an hour ago,” Short quips back. If the jokes are as good on screen as they are off, we know this season is bound to be another Hulu hit! “Season 3 is coming!” the caption proclaims.

Steve Martin decided to join the fun, too, by posting an adorable cast photo, featuring himself, Gomez, Short, Rudd and Streep that left fans over the moon.

“It is an HONOR to have Meryl in our building!” one fan page tweeted in reply to the photo on Twitter, which received more than 3,100 likes. Martin’s post received an astounding 175,000 likes.

In another hysterical reply, the official Merriam-Webster Twitter account simply attached a link to the dictionary’s definition of “dream team.” And with an icon like Streep joining this star-studded cast, there’s no doubt that dream team is the best way to describe this crew.

Few other details about the show are available yet, but as production continues we’re sure that the announcements of William’s and Streep’s casting are just the beginning of what’s to come on Only Murders In The Building season 3.


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