This Store’s Optical Illusion Carpet Is Confusing Everyone

Feeling woozy....

“The carpet industry is way more than it appears to be, it has pits, dips, and valleys that might try to trip you up, might try to take you down, but they’re all just in your head, they’re only illusions,” says your Uncle Jim, a seasoned carpet salesman. Although this particular bit of unsolicited career advice seemed out of place and little useless to you at the time, it stuck with you, and it has never made more sense than this very moment.

The Internet has been thoroughly baffled as of late by one store’s choice of flooring, which will surely give you some serious vertigo. If your carpet is so stained that it’s making you dizzy, these carpet cleaning tricks are for you

The photo has been retweeted over 78,000 times since Australian YouTube personality Muselk posted it, causing the Escher-esque rug to go thoroughly viral. The famed floor is a from a branch of Fnac, a French retail electronics store company.

Despite what your eyes are telling you, the floor is actually flat. Fortunately, there is no real harm in the floor itself, and the craters are not real. (Whew!) If you get a kick out of harmless optical illusions, try finding the snake in the photo. Or, if you still want to take the reptilian route, try and figure where the turtle is in this graphic.

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