Organize Your Car: 6 Quick Tricks That Stop the Mess for Good

Updated: Aug. 11, 2021

There really is a place for everything—even on the road. Use these clever tricks to keep your car clutter-free and organized.

october 2015 aol home organized homeAdam Voorhes for Reader's Digest1. Basket your groceries

Dread making multiple trips to carry groceries inside? Keep a laundry basket in your trunk. Fill it with shopping bags and carry it inside once you’re home. Return it to the car the next time you leave.

2. Protect Cup Holders

Crumbs can be impossible to get out of sticky cup holders. Slip silicone muffin liners into cup holders, and remove to wash when grimy.

3. Sanitize hands easily

Place a bottle of hand sanitizer in the side compartment of the driver’s door. This lets you clean up fast after pumping gas or pushing a grocery cart.

4. Use a Tissue Box For Trash

An empty tissue box can serve as a mini trash can for wrappers and other litter. Attach the rough side of a Velcro strip to the bottom of the box, and stick to the corner of the carpet by the passenger seat.

5. File Receipts

Keep an envelope labeled Receipts in the main console, and stash drive-through and shopping receipts there. Every Sunday, take a moment to decide which ones are important to keep. These organization tools from Amazon will have your life in order ASAP.

6. Personalize the sun visor

Avoid cluttering the visor; items can fall and distract you. Save the visor for a favorite quote or photo to make rush hour a bit more pleasant.

Sources: Standolyn Robertson, a certified professional organizer and owner of Things in Place in Los Angeles; Jeffrey Phillip, an expert organizer and designer in New York City;

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