The Most Important Thing to Organize in Your Kitchen, According to Marie Kondo

Whether they're stored in jars or drawers, she wants you to keep the flatware front and center.

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According to organizing guru Marie Kondo, her husband does most of the cooking in their home. But make no mistake, she knows her way around the kitchen — at least when it comes to tidying up. And what holds a key position in the Kondo kitchen? Cutlery. She says your flatware should be treated like royalty. We’d like to think Marie Kondo would approve of these genius storage ideas, too, but here are her ideas on the kitchen organization.

Marie’s Thoughts on Flatware and Cooking Utensils

“I urge you to reserve the best space for your cutlery right from the start,” Marie writes in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, “Next to food and your toothbrush, cutlery is the only other thing that enters your mouth.” And since it’s used so frequently, it deserves an easily accessible spot in your drawers.

But before you get to rearranging your kitchen drawers, Marie encourages people to take all of their utensils from all over the kitchen and look at them all. From there you can decide which to keep and which to toss, but bear in mind Marie’s one condition for keeping items that don’t “spark joy”.

When you’ve found the pieces you want to keep, then you can start arranging them in that top-notch spot.

How to Organize Silverware

You can either put your cutlery in a divided organizer in a handy drawer or store the cutlery upright in containers residing in your dish cabinet—whichever you think is the spot deserving of your utensils. Here are 40 more organizing ideas for your other kitchen items.

Here are some picks that really spark joy for me when it comes to organizing:

  • Bamboo drawer organizer ($35): This drawer organizer is expandable and adjustable. Even though it’ll be hidden away in a drawer, it’s beautiful and will encourage you to keep your drawers tidy.
  • Plastic silverware tray ($8): For just a few bucks, you can still keep your drawers tidy. Plus the rubberized liner will keep everything in place.
  • Mason jar set  ($16): If you keep your cutlery out in the open, opt for cute containers to keep things organized.

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