This McDonald’s Seriously Has the Best Menu in the World

If you ever wanted to order a pizza, a plate of pasta, or a Belgian waffle at McDonald's, this location is for you.

Before you even walk in, you can see that the McDonald’s in Orlando, Florida stands out from its fast-food fellows. The restaurant is a whopping 19,000 square feet, making it the largest McDonald’s in the United States. A 30-foot-tall Ronald McDonald waves at people that barely reach his ankle. The sign on the door welcomes you to “Epic McD,” letting you know that you’re in for a McXperience unlike any other—it’s easily one of the coolest McDonald’s locations in the world.

Once you’ve finished staring at the fancy, light-up burger and fries on the wall reading “McDonald’s,” the futuristic hanging lights, and the big fish tank, it’s time to order your food. And if you came to this “Epic McDonald’s” expecting to have to choose between a Quarter Pounder and a Big Mac, you couldn’t be more wrong. Yes, you can order all of the classic Mickey D’s fare. But you can also order Belgian waffles, paninis, tortellini with pesto, or any of the 50-odd other items from Orlando’s unique “Gourmet Bistro” menu. You can even build your own personal pizza, selecting your sauce, cheese, and toppings of choice—everything from crumbled sausage to pineapple. The chefs then build your creation inside a big brick pizza oven, and they’ll deliver it right to your table. You may have to go to Orlando to get fancy pizzas and paninis at McDonald’s, but you can get these 8 McDonald’s secret menu items at your regular old Mickey D’s.

Once you’ve finished your meal, don’t head for the door yet—this McDonald’s has a lot more epic-ness to offer. If you’re small enough, you can work off your meal in the massive 22-foot-tall PlayPlace. If not, you can still get your play on in the huge arcade containing over a hundred games. One look and you can see why this place has received the title of “world’s largest entertainment McDonald’s.”

If you love McDonald’s—or if you’re sick of it and want to put a new spin on your McDonald’s experience—you might have to head to Orlando. The “world’s largest entertainment McDonald’s” is an essential addition to any fast food lover’s bucket list.

What do you think? Does “Epic McD” put all other McDonald’s to shame, or would you prefer your regular old Mickey D’s? After all, we’re not sure even a personalized pizza can compete with McDonald’s top ten bestselling items of all time.

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