From Beard Transplants to Misery Tourism: 5 Outrageous Trends

It's not too late to hop on the bandwagon...or flee it in terror.

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In Asia, dental braces have become a sign of prosperity. Whether their teeth are crooked or as straight as pillars, kids in Thailand, Indonesia, and China have been flocking to beauty salons to have superficial but fashionable braces put in (they aren’t as complicated as the real deal). This trend is so popular that in Thailand, where the phonies are banned, a “fake-braces black market” has popped up.    Source:

Hipster alert! Non-hirsute New Yorkers who crave the scruffy look are shelling out as much as $7,000 for beard transplants. During the operation, a surgeon takes hair from the scalp or chest and carefully inserts it into the face. Source:

Now, this is thinking outside the box! Undertakers are posing the deceased in death as they might have appeared in life. At a New Orleans funeral home, one late woman was seated at a table with a can of beer in front of her and a cigarette in her hand. At another parlor, the body of a boxer was arranged standing in a boxing ring, and a deceased paramedic was propped up behind the wheel of an ambulance. Source: New York Times

Unhappy with the direction of your life? Try plastic surgery on the lines of your palms. The operation is all the rage in Japan among those who believe the lines dictate one’s future. According to one doctor, most men prefer to change creases associated with money and business, while women seek to alter their love lines. Source:

Misery tours are big business. A Mexican amusement park offers a fake border-crossing attraction, complete with smugglers and guards, and frequented by the world’s worst tourists. And if you’ve ever longed to visit a war zone, good news! A sightseeing group will escort you to war-torn Ukraine to witness actual combat. Some tours even “include an armed guard.” Some?Source:

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