16 of the Most Outrageous World Records Ever Broken

Updated: Mar. 01, 2023

From chefs making insane amounts of food to crowds of people wearing the same outfit, some of these records are almost too bizarre to be real.

World’s biggest barbeque             

In 2017, the small city of Minas in Uruguay won the world record for hosting the largest barbeque. BBC News reports that 200 cooks came together and grilled over 36,000 pounds of meat for a total of 14 hours. Their main goal in doing this was to steal the world record back from Argentina, who has taken it from them in 2011. However, not even that crew could make the biggest burger in the world. (We challenge you to finish it on your own.)

Largest handwritten Quran

Saad Mohammed copied the entire Quran by hand onto a paper scroll that was 2,300 feet long. According to The Independent, he self-funded the project and it took him three full years to complete.

Longest fingernails

Courtesy Guinness World Records

Ayanna Williams of Houston holds the world record for longest fingernails at a total length of 18 feet 10.9 inches. She has been growing them for 20 years, reports Fox News. Her left thumb is her longest individual nail measuring 2 feet 2.7 inches. These 2019 world records will freak you out, too.

Largest gathering of people dressed as Mahatma Gandhi

In 2015, a group of 4,605 students in India dressed up as Mahatma Gandhi for a peace march held on his birthday.

Longest parade float

This world record was broken at the Lantern Festival in Gutian, China. They presented a parade float that consisted of 345 sections and measured 2,596 feet long. The float was of a dragon and was made out of paper and bamboo.

Longest wedding dress train

The longest wedding dress chain measures 26,559.71 feet. That’s almost enough lace to cover Mount Everest! The record was broken in Caudry, France, a town famous for their production of lace. Construction company Dynamic Projects, along with 15 volunteers, spent two months stitching the whole garment together.

Being covered in the largest number of bees

Ruan Liangming of China set this terrifying record. Liangming set the record by covering himself with over 140 lbs of bees. That’s 637,000 individual insects! This carnival act known as “bee bearding” is done by placing a queen bee on your body to attract more bees. Liangming had a total of 60 queens on his body to attract the other insects.

World’s largest pillow fight

The largest pillow fight ever recorded took place in St. Paul, Minnesota, and had 6,261 participants. It was during a baseball game on July 21, 2015. The teams took a break from playing ball and the crowd started hitting each other with pillows that had been passed out. Think that’s ridiculous? These are the most outrageous laws in every state.

Largest sushi mosaic

Courtesy Guinness World RecordsThe largest sushi mosaic, spanning a ridiculous 608.16 square feet, was built in Norway for the 100th anniversary of the Bodo Glimt football club. Four chefs who run a sushi bar in Sweden created the masterpiece using 1,764 pounds of salmon and 882 pounds of rice.

Most steps walked up by a dog balancing water on its head

The fearless pup that broke this record was Sweet Pea, an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix. Sweet Pea walked up 10 steps while balancing a five-ounce glass of water on her head. She also holds the record for most steps (also 10) walked down while balancing a glass of water on your head.

Largest gathering of people dressed as penguins

Courtesy Guinness World RecordsSurprisingly, this wasn’t a gathering for March of the Penguin fans. The largest gathering of people dressed as penguins consisted of 624 people. It was achieved by the Richard House Children’s Hospice in the U.K. This gathering actually helps sponsor the Richard House Children’s Hospice cause, which supports children and young adults with terminal health conditions.

Largest number of people simultaneously hula hooping

In Bangkok, Thailand, 4,183 members of the Department of Health and the Ministry of Public Health came together to hula-hoop for a world record. All of the participants’ hula-hoops remained in motion for two consecutive minutes. Pretty impressive. (Check out these bizarre facts everyone has always believed that are actually false.)

Largest number of people eating breakfast in bed

people eating in bedCourtesy Guinness World RecordsYou probably wish you were one of the people that helped break this record; 418 people ate breakfast in bed at the Sheraton Langfang Chaobai River Hotel in China on August 16, 2015. Many children also ate breakfast in bed with their parents, but they were not counted in the total number.

Longest golf club in the world                

The longest “usable” golf club in the world measured a whopping 30 feet 6 inches. You won’t be hitting any shots like Tiger Woods with this club. It was created by Michael Furrh of Texas in 2017. This was his fourth time breaking the record, creating a club that was two feet longer than the last time he broke it.

Highest mohawk

The world record for the highest mohawk goes to Kazuhiro Watanabe. Huffington Post reported that his hairdo measured over 3 feet high. It took him 15 years to grow out his hair and creating the Mohawk took three cans of hairspray and one very large bottle of gel.

Largest dog photo shoot

Dog photoDanny Wilcox Frazier VII for Cosmic Picture

On April 15, 2018, the team behind the movie Superpower Dogs broke the world record for largest dog photo shoot ever. To film the closing scene of the movie, the crew put out a casting call for four-legged locals (and their humans) in the Los Angeles area. A total of 108 dogs plus their owners are captured in this photo.

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