You’ve Probably Been Misusing Your Oven Drawer This Whole Time

Nope, it's not for storage!

ovenFrancois Poirier

When you buy a car, the number of bells and whistles that come with it usually coincide with how much money you’ve spent. Frugality can save you some funds and get you crank windows, while decadence will clean out your wallet and give you a refrigerated glovebox.

This really isn’t the case with an oven. Although pouring more money into this staple appliance will give you greater longevity, energy efficiency, and overall consistency, the features will remain largely the same. Four burners on the top, a drop down oven door in the center, and a drawer only meant for baking sheet storage at the bottom. But this common oven feature has much more function than meets the eye; a lot of the time, it’s a warming drawer.

Take this Samsung model for example: In the product overview, there’s a description of this oft-misunderstood facet: “A Warming Drawer to keep food warm until ready to serve. Always serve food at the perfect temperature when entertaining.” That’s not to say that you can’t use the drawer for storage, unless that’s where you’ve been keeping your soft cheeses.

The drawer has a heating element built in so that you’ll never have to worry about reheating a meal in the microwave or having it dry out under a heat lamp again. Now, this function isn’t present on every oven, but is pretty common in a wide range of models of varying price points.

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