Fall Decorations: DIY This Adorable Owl Craft to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

Build a rustic owl out of recycled bottle caps, jar lids, and utensils.

adorable-owl-craft-home-ready-fall-01Country Woman Magazine


  • Large wood slice
  • Sawtooth picture frame hanger
  • E6000 glue
  • Branch
  • 2 forks
  • Serving spoon
  • 2 5-in. wide jar lids (See NOTE)
  • 2 regular canning jar lids with bands
  • 2 bottle caps
  • Stain or Danish oil (optional)


1. The wood slice can be left untreated, or use stain or Danish oil to darken it, if desired. Let dry. Before assembling the owl, attach picture hanger on the back of the wood.

adorable-owl-craft-home-ready-fall-03Country Woman Magazine
2. Glue branch across the bottom of the wood slice, then glue the forks with tines overlapping the branch, as if the owl is perched there. Glue the spoon toward the top of the wood slice to resemble a beak.

adorable-owl-craft-home-ready-fall-02Country Woman Magazine
3. Glue wide lids to the wood. Take the regular canning lids out of their metal bands and flip discs over to show the prettier side. Glue on top of the wide lids, then attach pop bottle caps as pupils.

If you prefer a smaller owl, scale the lids to the wood slice size.

This craft is by Pam Kessler of houseofhawthornes.com.

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