This Toy Could Tell You If Your Child Is the Next Zuckerberg or Picasso

Who says kids can’t learn while they play?

This-Toy-Could-Tell-You-If-Your-Child-is-the-Next-Zuckerberg-or-Picasso_355574741_Tomsickova-TatyanaTomsickova Tatyana/Shutterstock

Want to know if you’re raising the next genius? You can teach them these three languages, for starters. But to really inspire their inner Picasso or Zuckerberg, don’t fill their toy boxes with Legos or Barbie dolls. This one particular toy could actually give you a clue into your child’s prodigy potential.

03-This-Toy-Could-Tell-You-If-Your-Child-is-the-Next-Zuckerberg-or-Picasso-courtesy-ozobotcourtesy ozobotIntroducing: The Bluetooth-connected, smart robot called Ozobot Evo. Although Evo entertains right out of the box with expressive language of sounds and LED lights, that’s not all it can do. You can also change the toy’s settings using color codes, which Evo responds to by spinning, zig-zagging, dancing, and more.

If your child catches on fast, simple tinkering can quickly escalate to developing programming languages that challenge even those with a Ph.D. (And if your child’s drawings look like this, you could be raising a genius!)

01-This-Toy-Could-Tell-You-If-Your-Child-is-the-Next-Zuckerberg-or-Picasso-courtesy-ozobotcourtesy ozobotBut coding isn’t the only thing this nifty gadget can do. Ozobot offers a range of activities, allowing kids to design everything from fashion shows to bowling alleys with a few tweaks to their bots. Each activity is just another opportunity to reveal, challenge, and motivate your child’s inner creativity and tech savvy skills.

02-This-Toy-Could-Tell-You-If-Your-Child-is-the-Next-Zuckerberg-or-Picasso-courtesy-ozobotcourtesy ozobotWhat’s more, each Evo can connect with the Ozobot Evo app on smartphones and tablets, which includes games and puzzles for children of all ages. And each robot is just one cubic inch in size, making it portable for on-the-go fun.

Who knows what this little bot could inspire out of your kiddo. Memorize the habits of parents who raise successful kids next, and you could be on your way to raising a future CEO.

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