This Is the One Sentence You Should Never, Ever Say as a Parent

This sentence has probably slipped out a time or two. Here's why you should avoid it next time.

Our kids can be perfect angels one minute… and our worst nightmare the next. But beware of falling into the age-old trap of thinking your child can do no wrong. Though this mistake is silent and less noticeable than most, it’s just as dangerous to your kids as a trampoline or a hazardous toy—and here’s why.

According to the popular Scary Mommy blog, parents should never say the sentence “My kid would never do that.” The truth is, your child probably WOULD do that—and you will be in for a pretty big surprise if you’re not prepared. (Here’s how to deal with your kids’ worst bratty behavior.)

“It’s ever so easy to sit back and witness life from your shielded sidelines, thinking your family and your children are immune to the temptations and desires that plague the rest of us,” Melissa Fenton wrote for Scary Mommy.


But that illusion will shatter pretty quickly. In reality, your kids will inevitably make mistakes. “Kids will be kids will be kids,” Fenton says. “In simple terms, kids aren’t capable of making adult-like decisions because they are kids.”

If you have made this major parenting mistake lately, don’t beat yourself up. Taking the phrase out of your vernacular will teach your kids (and your family!) an important lesson: How to make mistakes and grow from them.

“Be comforted in knowing that some of the best life lessons usually come right after some of life’s biggest mistakes and failures,” Fenton writes. “Also remind yourself that even the very best, brightest, exquisitely polite, and well-behaved kids will eventually do something you never in a million years thought they would ever do, and for the most part, it has very little to do with your parenting.”

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