No Joke: This Woman’s Parents Actually Named Her “Fairy Snow.” But It Could Have Been Way Worse.

Everyone always thinks she's joking.

REXsept16_FairyCourtesy Reminisce Extra Magazine

My parents decided to name me after my grandmothers, who were two of the sweetest ladies in the world. I could have been Mitty Novella, but they decided to go with the other two names, so I became Fairy Ellen. That would have been unusual enough, but my last name was Snow. Yep, I was going through life as Fairy Snow.

My childhood was interesting because the other kids were never sure if I had real fairy magic. I did not disabuse them of the notion that I might.

In school we were seated alphabetically in rows by last name, which is also how teachers took attendance. Everyone had a good laugh when the teacher called out “Snow, Fairy.” It reached peaks of absurdity if I got behind Snapp, Ginger (who had her own name burden) or Shivers, Daryl.

There were several people with unusual names at my high school. For example, in 1970-’71, a girl named Oprah Winfrey sat right next to me in the W row.

Before I met my husband, my friends tried to get me to date guys with last names like Mann or Ball with the hope that I would become Fairy Snow Mann or Fairy Snow Ball. In college I did have a crush on a guy named Phillip Fair. But let me tell you, Fairy Fair was not gonna happen.

Mostly my name has been handy for stimulating conversations with new people. Occasionally companies think I’m joking, and I have to default to my middle name to get services. My newspaper bill still comes to Ellen.

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Originally Published in Reminisce