This Easy Trick Will Change the Way You Store Peanut Butter

Your days of stirring are officially over.

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Are you nuts about peanuts? You’re not alone. The average American eats three pounds of peanut butter a year, according to the Texas Peanut Board. Plus, peanut butter packs a huge nutritional punch, helping you fight heart disease and boost your brainpower. What’s not to love?

Well, if you buy the all-natural kind, you don’t especially love mixing the oil into the peanuts every time you want to make a sandwich. Luckily, you can bid your days of blending goodbye. There is a brilliant way to keep the oil and peanuts mixed together—no elbow grease required.

Simply storing the jar upside down prevents the peanut butter and oil from separating in your pantry, Brit+Co reports. While there’s no scientific proof to back this tip up, it definitely can’t hurt to give it a shot. You’ll wish you knew these 25 genius kitchen shortcuts sooner, too.

If you’re still skeptical, Brit+Co recommends refrigerating the jar instead. Doing so solidifies the oils and keeps the whole mixture blended, they say. Next, find out the 10 cooking tricks only taught in culinary schools.

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