The One Incredible Perk of Buying Your Car Through Costco

No wonder so many people are doing it!

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That small Costco membership fee feels like pennies when you start comparing it to the numerous discounts available to Costco customers. Especially when it comes to buying a car. Yes, you can buy your next car through Costco. Like almost every other deal at Costco, the auto program at this wholesale store is quite the steal. It can save you time and worry when choosing a car and a proper dealership. Best of all, it saves you the hassle of trying to negotiate the best price.

That’s right—no negotiating necessary! In order to get you the best price, Costco works with over 3,000 auto dealerships in the nation to determine a fixed, prearranged price. Thanks to this perk, along with many other benefits of the program, Costco has been able to help sell 1 million cars in five years. (Before you make the big purchase, find out which car brands cost the least to repair.)

Although you cannot buy cars directly at Costco, the dealerships they work with are trustworthy. You can see all available models at partner dealerships in your area on the auto program website. Costco is very particular, making sure these dealerships are satisfactory for customers in terms of price, reputations, and even customer satisfaction index scores. Not only will you be getting the best price, but you can rest easy knowing you are working with trusted brands that have been thoroughly evaluated by Costco. That said, here the best and worst car brands for customer satisfaction.

Can’t get enough of this amazing wholesale store? Well, the auto program is just the start. Here are more things you aren’t buying at Costco—but should.

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