Listen up, Pet Owners: There’s Now a Gadget That Lets You Check on (and Feed!) Your Pets While You’re at Work

Your pets don’t have to wait until you get home for a treat party anymore.

01-This-New-Gadget-Allows-You-to-See-and-Feed-Your-Pets-From-Work-via-petcube.comvia petcube.comIf pets are not, in fact, as intelligent as they’re made out to appear in the documentary film (read: children’s animated movie) The Secret Life of Pets, then this new gadget may be perfect for you and your furry friend. (Don’t miss these 50 things your pet wants to tell you.)

03-This-New-Gadget-Allows-You-to-See-and-Feed-Your-Pets-From-Work-via-petcube.comvia petcube.comPetcube is already known for its camera and intercom systems designed to keep an eye on pets while owners are away, but they just announced a major upgrade. The Petcube Bites has the company’s same camera technology, but with an added mechanism which allows owners to give out treats to their pets remotely. 

This is perfect for someone who may suddenly wonder if his or her dog knows he’s a good boy in the middle of the workday.

02-This-New-Gadget-Allows-You-to-See-and-Feed-Your-Pets-From-Work-via-petcube.comvia petcube.comPetcube Bites allows you to release a treat whenever using their app, or schedule a specific time to release a treat. You can also take pictures directly from the unit, watch a live stream of your pet, and be notified if a sound sensor picks up unusual noise in your home.

The Petcube Bites costs a pretty penny, $249.99. 

[h/t TechCrunch]

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