20 Stunning Photos Taken from Above the Clouds

Getting a window seat really does pay off.

Happiness is… flying at 39,000 feet with a camera; when the world below you transforms into what seems to be a different entity, boats and cars appear to stop moving, people turn into ants, and skyscrapers suddenly aren’t scraping the sky. These 20 people didn’t let the opportunity to capture a stunning in-flight photograph pass them by. (Afraid to fly? Here’s how you can get over your fear of flying.)

Soaring above the clouds

Here are six facts about flying that’ll help you stay calm on your next flight.

Clearly feeling very brave flying out of Dubai

Sticking around to explore Dubai? Check out this hotel with a rainforest in it.

Greenland with no sign of green

Aukland, New Zealand countryside

This picture-perfect paradise in Lisbon, Portugal

(Fun fact: Here’s how to say “Bless you” in Portuguese.)

Mountains in Squamish, British Columbia straight ahead

This patchwork of prairies in central California

Front row seat to some more glaciers in Greenland

What better way to see the Himalayas than from above?

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Pros of having a window seat: Incredible views of Colombia

Hitting turbulence while flying over the Windy City

By the way, this is what really happens during turbulence.

This postcard-ready photo of Mt. Hood in Oregon

Make your road trip that much easier by taking this 200 mile Oregon road trip!

Chilean prairies and mountains

This mining pit that was turned into a manmade lake in Cebu

This incredible view of the Alpine Mountains

Somewhere (literally) over the rainbow

Red Arizona mountains

Expect some beautiful mountain views if you’re traveling from Buenos Aires to Santiago

This breath-taking Caribbean view over the Cayman Islands

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Mt. Rainer standing 14,411 feet tall in Washington

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