Here’s Why I Recommend the Pillow Cube to Every Side Sleeper

This pillow is the only time it's cool to be square.

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The pile of pillows in my closet verges on illegal. Ever since I started waking up with migraines about seven years ago, I have cycled through pillow after pillow in search of something that can deliver pain-free mornings. They all bill themselves as the best pillows, but after a week or two, they go flat or too firm or lumpy.

When I first met the Pillow Cube, I was skeptical. To side sleepers like me, a quality pillow means the difference between waking up refreshed and being plagued by neck and shoulder aches. But if I couldn’t get comfortable on a fancy ergonomic pillow designed for migraine relief, how was I ever going to enjoy a cube?

It was a classic case of judging a book by its cover, because after more than a month of sleeping on the Pillow Cube, my side sleeping problems have drastically reduced.

What is the Pillow Cube?

Exactly what it sounds like: a pillow shaped like a cube. Or, if you’re like the majority of customers who purchase the Pillow Cube Pro, a long rectangle. It’s made of a memory foam core encased in a breathable cover.

Pillow Cube asserts that the viscoelastic polyurethane and nano fibers that make up the pillow are a product of current science—it couldn’t have existed before now because the technology for a pillow of this caliber did not exist.

How does Pillow Cube work?

The cube design of this pillow means you’re sleeping on a right angle. That might sound uncomfortable, but it actually allows your neck to remain perfectly aligned with your spine when you lie on your side.

“A good supportive pillow is a key component when thinking about proper sleep and body alignment,” explains Darlene Flores, a chiropractic physician, about finding the best sleep products. “You want to look for a pillow that assists in maintaining the curvature in your neck while sleeping on your side or on your back.”

According to Samuel Spillman, DC, of Balanced Chiropractic & Physical Therapy in Charlottesville, VA, side sleeping is the “optimal position for spinal health.” Pillow Cube also describes side sleeping as the healthiest option, purporting that it improves circulation, reduces acid reflux, provides better REM sleep, and reduces snoring.

How we tested the Pillow Cube

For 30 nights, I kept careful notes of the quality of my sleep using the 4-inch Pillow Cube Pro. I monitored factors such as temperature, comfort, sleep interruption, and morning aches. I also had my husband test the 5-inch version since he’s slightly taller and broader than me.

Pillow Cube first impressions

Pillow Cube on top of a bedReina Glenn/

The Pillow Cube Pro comes vacuum sealed in a box about the size of a throw pillow, but as soon as you break the plastic (which you can rip with just your hands), the pillow inflates to its titular cube shape. Mine took about 20 seconds to fully puff up.

The cover of the pillow is smooth and slightly cooling—you could sleep on it without a pillow case if you wanted since it’s washable, but the pillow case made for the Pillow cube has super soft microfiber material. Neither the pillow nor the case has any off-gassing or chemical smells.

Does Pillow Cube help with neck pain?

Here’s where the wrinkle of this Pillow Cube review comes in. The Pillow Cube does relieve neck pain, as long as you purchase the correct size. I started with the 5-inch pillow—the most common size—and though it seemed comfy when I first laid down, I woke up during the first night feeling like my neck was crooked. As soon as I dropped down to the 4-inch—the smallest size Pillow Cube offers—my neck felt perfectly aligned, and I regularly woke up ache-free.

Pillow Cube has a few ways to help you figure out the right size for you, including a body size/sleep preference quiz and a tutorial for measuring your best pillow height using household objects (like books) as a guide. But at the end of the day, it might come down to trial and error. The good news? Pillow Cube offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, during which time you can return or exchange your pillow for any reason. Pillow Cube will cover the shipping costs, but they do charge a $20 processing fee if you want a refund.

Does the Pillow Cube get hot?

The memory foam core of the Pillow Cube is made of temperature-regulating Comfort CarbonTM material, which battles heat retention. My husband is a hot sleeper who often prefers cooling sheets and pillows, and he attests that he doesn’t need to flip this pillow during the night.

However, the microfiber pillow case made for the Pillow Cube can trap heat. This is a nuisance considering that the unique shape of the pillow doesn’t lend itself well to standard pillow cases with which to swap. But Pillow Cube does make a silk pillow case to solve that problem.

Pillow Cube review results

So, would I recommend the Pillow Cube? To all side sleepers, yes! Each morning I tested the Pillow Cube Pro, I woke up with noticeably less neck pain and zero headaches. That’s right, zero.

Pillow Cube describes their memory foam as the “goldilocks” of comfort—firm enough to support your head and neck but soft enough that it won’t make your ear go numb—and I found that description spot on. It slid right into the gap of my shoulder and supported me all night, no fluffing or flipping required.

The Pillow Cube’s biggest downside is that it was created only for side sleepers. So even if you’re like me and spend most of the night on your side, you won’t be as comfortable when you do roll onto your back or stomach. Speaking of rolling, the original version of the Pillow Cube doesn’t allow for it (you’d roll right off the pillow). The Pillow Cube Pro has more surface area and solves this problem, but it is a flaw in the classic design.

Finally, I’ll say that the right angle edge takes some time to get used to. Feeling the corner under your neck when you lie on your back isn’t uncomfortable, but it is a bit strange. Fortunately, you can’t feel it when you lie on your side as the brand intended.

Pillow Cube pros

  • Perfect level of support without being too firm
  • Actively improves neck pain
  • Made in the USA
  • Also comes in a cooling version, Ice Cube
  • Machine washable cover
  • Free shipping and 60-day satisfaction guarantee

Pillow Cube cons

  • Made only for side sleepers
  • Finding the right height can be tricky, and sizes are limited
  • Original cube version doesn’t allow for rolling over
  • Right angle edges take some getting used to

Pillow Cube cost

The classic Pillow Cube retails for $69.99, while the Pillow Cube Pro runs $109.99. The brand also offers bundle deals and frequently runs discounts of up 20 percent off.

Where to buy the Pillow Cube

Pillow Cube inside boxReina Glenn/

The best place to buy the Pillow Cube or any of its related products is through the brand’s direct to consumer website,

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