This Airport Is the First in the Country to Make This Big Security Change

No need to spend that extra 849 bucks on a trip to Kokomo just to get your Auntie Anne's fix.

This-Airport-Is-the-First-in-the-Country-to-Make-This-Big-Security-Change-618097505-Andrey-BurkovAndrey Burkov/shutterstockAirports continue to modernize. This one is now having robots guide you to your gate. This one is setting the record for largest airport in human history. LaGuardia Airport is making the effort to be less awful. These efforts are bringing air travel into the future, but one airport is making a big security change which is actually winding back the clock.

For the first time since 9/11, Pittsburgh Airport will become the first country to allow non-passengers to pass through security. For the past 16 or so years, the only way that someone could make it through security was if they presented their ticket.

The rule rollback will come through a new program called the myPITpass. The aim of the pass is to allow anyone access the retail and dining options available past security, and also let them have a little bit more runway in terms of waving goodbye to loved ones right at their gate.

The myPITpass can be acquired through a special kiosk at the airport. All someone needs is a valid photo I.D., which allows the airport employee to cross reference the person’s information with TSA’s no fly list. Children younger than 17 are also eligible for the program, even without identification.

The same rules apply when passing through security, however, so don’t go trying to bring your bottle rockets and exotic animals with mini-backpacks full of liquids over three ounces, because you will be flagged—here are 13 other things you probably shouldn’t try to get passed the TSA.

[Source: Travel + Leisure]

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