Plant for Autumn Color

Plant these for beautiful colors.

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Seasonal plants for autumn are often overlooked, yet they give a generous display right up until the frosts arrive, and even longer in a sheltered spot or an unheated porch. Get the most value from your autumn pots and hanging baskets by planting early. A blend of flowers, fruits, and foliage ensures a tremendous show of color; and to achieve this don’t be afraid to use some plants more usually grown indoors.

  • Florists’ cyclamen, the type sold as houseplants, bear masses of flowers in white, pink, red, and purple, often with the bonus of scent.
  • Winter cherry (Solanum capsicastrum) has small, bright orange fruits.
  • Frost-tender heathers (Erica gracilis) bear white, pink, or red flowers. These look lovely with ornamental with frilled leaves patterned in shades of pink, purple, cream, and green.
  • Winter-flowering pansies will bloom during mild spells in winter and again in spring.
  • Chrysanthemums, the quintessential flower of autumn, make a glorious show of colorful blooms in a wide range of colors.

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