This Is the Most Popular Valentine’s Day Candy in America

Just in case you plan to get some sweets for your own sweetheart.

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Red roses are not the only Valentine’s Day classic you’ll find in grocery store aisles this year. Lovers and loners alike can’t let the day pass by without indulging on some decadent desserts, after all. That said, there is Valentine’s Day candy we love, and then there is the Valentine’s Day candy we love to hate. And sometimes, both definitions apply to one sweet treat.

To discover the most popular Valentine’s Day candy in America, data crunchers at evaluated the site’s candy sales from the past 10 years, noting what customers bought around February 14, in particular. The results might not be what you expect.

For the first time in recent memory, conversation hearts dethroned heart-shaped boxes of chocolates for the number one Valentine’s Day candy. Last year, over 10 percent of candy sales during the holiday were conversation hearts, while just 9.6 percent of sales went to chocolates.

If that doesn’t surprise you, then get this: Approximately 8.2 billion conversation hearts will be produced this year in preparation for February 14. Here are more Valentine’s Day facts you never knew.

Granted, not everybody loves these controversial confections. And it’s worth noting that when you combine all other Valentine’s Day candies, the sum makes up nearly 80 percent of total candy sales. That makes them much more popular than chocolates or conversation hearts.

Plan your own V-Day gift accordingly. Or, play it safe with these perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for every stage of a relationship.

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