This Map Shows the Most Popular Valentine’s Day Candy in Your State

You won't be a stupid Cupid with these sweet treats up your sleeve.

Valentines-candyCourtesy Candystore.comLooking for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift? Here’s a hint for you harried gift-hunters: Sixty-nine percent of people say they prefer chocolates to flowers. In fact, lovebirds will spend a collective $1.7 billion on candy this February, according to the National Retail Foundation. (Check out even more Valentine’s Day facts you never knew.)

But choosing the right sweets for your sweetheart can be a tricky task. Thankfully, you don’t have to guess, because already vetted each candy for you. Researchers at the online bulk candy store dug through ten years of data, paying close attention to the sales leading up to February 14. The result: A list of the best-selling treats, state-by-state.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day candy, the classics reign supreme. Conversation hearts earned the top spot in a total of 19 states, while 14 other states preferred boxes of assorted chocolates. And you can’t go wrong with Hershey Kisses in Arkansas, Delaware, South Dakota, Utah, or Wisconsin; the five states consume nearly 300,000 pounds of the candy combined.

Which Valentine’s Day candy is the most popular in your state? Read on for the entire list, or check it out on this interactive map. And while you’re at it, make sure to avoid the Valentine’s Day candy everybody hates, too (unless you want to wind up spending the night on the couch!)

Alabama: Candy necklaces

Alaska: Box of chocolates

Arizona: Conversation hearts

Arkansas: Hershey Kisses

California: Conversation hearts

Colorado: Conversation hearts

Connecticut: Box of chocolates

Delaware: Hershey Kisses

Florida: Conversation hearts

Georgia: Box of chocolates

Hawaii: Conversation hearts

Idaho: M&Ms

Illinois: Chocolate roses

Indiana: Box of chocolates

Iowa: M&Ms

Kansas: Box of chocolates

Kentucky: Chocolate roses

Louisiana: Conversation hearts

Maine: Chocolate hearts

Maryland: M&Ms

Massachusetts: Box of chocolates

Michigan: Conversation hearts

Minnesota: Conversation hearts

Mississippi: Conversation hearts

Missouri: Conversation hearts

Montana: Conversation hearts

Nebraska: Chocolate hearts

Nevada: Box of chocolates

New Hampshire: Conversation hearts

New Jersey: Conversation hearts

New Mexico: Chocolate roses

New York: Box of chocolates

North Carolina: Box of chocolates

North Dakota: Conversation hearts

Ohio: Box of chocolates

Oklahoma: Conversation hearts

Oregon: Chocolate roses

Pennsylvania: M&Ms

Rhode Island: Chocolate hearts

South Carolina: Conversation hearts

South Dakota: Hershey Kisses

Tennessee: Conversation hearts

Texas: Box of chocolate

Utah: Hershey Kisses

Vermont: Conversation hearts

Virginia: Box of chocolates

Washington: Box of chocolates

Washington, D.C.: Box of chocolates

West Virginia: Conversation hearts

Wisconsin: Hershey Kisses

Wyoming: Chocolate roses

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