Authorities Want You to Stop Posting Pictures of Your Children on Facebook

You could face a hefty fine or jail time.

Chinnapong/ShutterstockParents have plenty reason to be proud of their kids. And in the social media age, one of the easiest ways to show off your kids’ achievements is to log in to Facebook and post a quick photo or video of them with their spelling bee trophy or their latest haircut. But lawmakers in France are now looking to make this practice a thing of the past and for good reason.

Essentially, the issue comes down to privacy. A law is currently in the works which would not allow someone to post a photo of someone else online without their permission. Children are considered, in the eyes of the law, incapable of providing this permission, so their parents would have no right to post said media.

The new law could include a punishment of up to a year in jail and a $48,000 equivalent fine. The law was originally put into the works to protect women from ex-lovers who would post private photos of the women as retribution.

As a best practice, never post these kinds of photos on social media. When it comes to your kids’ pictures, make sure the sharing settings are set to “private” or “just friends.” A lot of the time, users’ profiles can be set to “public” without them knowing it. And whatever you do: Never share this information about your children on social media

[Source: American Web Media]

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