Prime Day 2020: Here’s What You Can Expect

Prime Day is a self-made shopping holiday giant onto itself. What happens to Prime Day 2020 when it's in the middle of a global pandemic, though?

Of course, a pandemic changes everything. Institutions and celebrations we know and love have been shifted online, postponed, or even canceled. One thing we can rely on when all hope is lost? Amazon Prime. While some things we once took for granted will never be the same, Amazon is consistent. And, thus, so is Prime Day—delayed but not forgotten.

The history of Prime Day

Prime Day has been an institution for Amazon Prime customers since its inception nearly five years ago. Amazon, as one of the largest corporations in the world, created the shopping holiday to encourage shopping and shift shipping of the millions of items available on its marketplace.  The holiday has come to rival Black Friday.

Prime Day 2019 ended in over 7 billion dollars worth of goods purchased, an almost 71 percent increase over the 4 billion dollars worth of goods purchased in 2018. Prime Day 2020 was looking to again bring in groundbreaking numbers before the pandemic. But don’t feel too bad for Amazon—their profits have more than doubled since the pandemic hit. Check out these Amazon products with near-perfect reviews if you don’t believe us (or even if you do).

In practice, Prime Day is a two-day “digital event” with huge sales and discounts on items via Amazon’s marketplace. Members (with a 30-day free trial and $119 yearly membership thereafter) have exclusive access to deals that last anywhere from the entire two days to only a few hours, with new items added or taken away at any moment. Prime Day also offers Prime Shipping which, pre-COVID-19, meant two- or one-day shipping on most items.

Prime Day 2020

So far, Amazon has been slightly cryptic in its announcements around Prime Day 2020. While last year’s Prime Day was in the heat of the summer (July 15th), this year’s expected timeline was blown out of the water. Eventually, it was announced that Prime Day would occur much later, though no concrete day was set. But, if a recent CNBC report is to be believed, the new proposed date is October 5th. Amazon has not yet publicly endorsed or promoted this date.

Special Prime Day perks

Prime Day is usually chock full of can’t-miss deals on electronics, everyday essentials, and clothing. More than likely, this year’s event will be no different. While shipping speeds might be slower and some deals might be harder to come by,  Amazon has made promises to bring back Prime Day (and Prime one- and two-day shipping) as soon and as full-force as they can while still maintaining safe working conditions.

One point of consideration is Whole Foods, an Amazon-owned company, and its Prime Day deals. Whole Foods is ranked #1 for COVID-19 safety measures and a favorite of many for its healthy, organic options. Prime Day will more than likely follow in last year’s footsteps and offer amazing deals to Whole Foods shoppers. Additionally, Amazon might try to continue expanding on the success of Amazon Prime Pantry and Amazon Fresh (with Whole Foods products) on Prime Day. In the wake of a pandemic, these services can help many who are at-risk to get their groceries and other essentials safely, quickly, and easily. Whole Foods is one of many grocery stores that are still offering delivery and pickup.

Another deal is, of course, Amazon-made products. It’s easy to discount items you make yourself. This includes all Alexa-enabled products, such as the Amazon Echo. Further, other items like Amazon Fire TV Sticks, Amazon Ring Video Doorbell, and AmazonBasics products will also likely be highly discounted. Check out these other must-have Amazon Alexa accessories to snag during the sale.

At the end of the day, Prime Day items and deals can be found on a number of different items. The best way to find what’s on sale is to check out Amazon on the day of the sales to snag the best deals before they’re gone (and they will be!). Next, make sure you’re taking advantage of these other Amazon Prime perks in the weeks before, and after, the sale!


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