Prince William Just Revealed Prince George’s Favorite Movie—and It’s Totally Precious

Spoiler alert: It’s a Disney classic!

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When it comes to being a dad, it’s pretty obvious that Prince William has the role down pat. Not only does he give his little ones a pep talk every once in awhile (and these adorable photos prove it!), but he also knows what they like and dislike—all the way down to their taste in television.

Recently, Prince William and Duchess Kate made a surprise appearance at London’s Paddington train station. The Duke of Cambridge met with a young boy for a brief interview, which was posted on Twitter by Rhiannon Mills of Sky News.

When the boy asked about four-year-old George’s on-screen favorites, Prince William listed several of the youngster’s top TV shows and films. But most notably, Prince William shared that the royal tot is a big fan of classic Disney movies. His top choice? The Lion King.

“He quite likes The Lion King, we’ve watched that a few times,” Prince William said. “He has watched a few Lego movies, as well.”

Funny enough, Prince George actually has a lot in common with The Lion King‘s lead character. Like Simba, he’s the heir to the throne—and this little prince probably “just can’t wait to be king.”

Prince William also added something that will ring true with any parent of young children: “Trying to keep him off the television is hard work.”

No surprises there; it probably explains why the royals have banned their kids from having these popular toys, too. Thankfully, starting school has probably kept George away from the TV screen for the time being (and by the way, here’s the last name he’ll go by.)

[Source: PEOPLE]

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