Prince George Is Learning to Speak This Foreign Language (Hint: It’s Not German or French!)

George, as well as his sister Princess Charlotte, are learning to speak one common foreign language.

As the third in line for the British throne, Prince George is a boy of many talents. For instance, he can pull off an adorable pout—even when he’s getting a pep talk from his dad. He has a knack for inventing precious nicknames, too. But that’s not the only trick this little royal has up his sleeve.

It’s recommended that the royals learn multiple languages because of how much traveling they do to foreign countries. Prince George and his sister, Princess Charlotte, have already started. The little royals are learning to speak Spanish. At just four years old Prince George could already count up to ten in Spanish. Princess Charlotte is also learning a few words that she proudly shows off in preschool.

He’s only a kindergartener, but it makes sense for a future king to learn a new language. Not only will it help him out during future royal tours but Spanish is also the second most widely spoken language in the world. The royal children don’t just have to learn new languages at a young age, but they also have to follow these strict rules.

The bilingual youngsters are following in the footsteps of their father and grandfather, Princes William and Charles. As two of the royal family’s most talented linguists, they can speak up to five languages between them: French, German, Welsh, Swahili, and Gaelic. The Prince and Princess’s nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, is also a native Spanish speaker. In short, we’re willing to bet the young royals are picking up a phrase or two around the house.

Want to get your own little prince or princess up to speed? If you teach your child these three languages, you’ll basically be raising a future CEO (or king!)