Princess Kate Makes an Important Style Change Every Time She’s Pregnant

Funny enough, it has nothing to do with her clothes.


The world rejoiced when Princess Kate announced her pregnancy with the third royal baby. Even as one of the most photographed women in the world, though, she managed to keep her baby bump a secret until now. Impressive, right? But how did she do it? As it turns out, the Duchess of Cambridge has a trick or two up her sleeve. (As for that third royal baby, here’s how it could completely change British royal succession history.)

Right before Princess Kate revealed she was expecting royal baby #3, she sported newly snipped ‘do. And she’s done so for the past two pregnancies, as well. Are the two changes related? Although they’re so subtle that most people wouldn’t connect them, some experts think so.

On the one hand, the bob could be strategically timed; while Anglophiles are going crazy over her new look, they probably won’t pay much notice to a growing baby bump down below. This avoids any major speculation or pressure from the outside before she’s ready to make an announcement. Tricky, yet brilliant and effective. It almost rivals the clever trick Kate Middleton uses to repeat her outfits.

Cutting her locks in the early stages of pregnancy serves a more practical purpose, too. Hairstylist Paul Edmonds told Hello magazine that many women experience thinning hair due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. When you’re expecting a baby, a quick cut can keep your hair feeling fresh as it changes through each trimester.

“I like to create a maximum look for minimum care, blunt edged bobs softened with internal layers and those with longer layers are kept blunt,” Edmonds said. “Once the baby is born these styles are often far more manageable, as we all know finding the time to even shower and style the hair is almost impossible!”

Sounds like Princess Kate is on the right track—or has a really good hairstylist. So the next time you think Kate and William have a baby on the way, check the Duchess’s ‘do. Shorter strands could be a sign of a new royal kiddo!

We can predict Princess Kate’s fashion choices in other ways, too. In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge also has a habit of stealing some style tips from her mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

[Source: Cafe Mom]

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