Problems With Sleep: America’s Most Tired States

The latest snooze news reveals what states are getting a good night's sleep and which are suffering from the most sleep disturbances. Where does your state rank?

America's sleepiest states

Your hometown could affect how well you sleep. When a study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine ranked the prevalence of sleep disturbance and daytime fatigue among nearly 160,000 adults across 36 states and regions, researchers found differences in how well people slept, independent of factors such as latitude and weather. Our sympathies go out to the South: You’re packed with sleep-deprived folks!

5 Best (fewest sleep disturbances)

Delaware: 7.6%
U.S. Virgin Islands: 12.8%
North Dakota: 14.1%
Hawaii: 15.1%
Washington, D.C.: 15.8%

5 Worst (most sleep disturbances)

West Virginia: 25.7%
Oklahoma: 24.9%
Mississippi: 21.9%
Arkansas: 21.6%
Alabama: 21.5%

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