This $10 Product Is the Reason I Stopped Going to Starbucks

Be a barista in your own kitchen with a milk frother.

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News flash: You don’t need an expensive espresso machine or monthly coffee budget to get cafe-quality drinks every morning. Ever since ordering this affordable Milk Boss frother, my morning routine has been transformed. It’s hand-held, cheap, and takes up less space than a Keurig!

Why people love milk frothers

For starters, they don’t take up much counter space. The cleanup is ridiculously easy—all you have to do is turn on the whisk briefly under hot water and presto-more-espresso! And the electric whisk really does take your drink to that coffee shop level. Buyers (even baristas) find them more effective than a hand whisk, plus you save on effort and wrist strain. The froth comes out perfectly. To make your coffee even better, you should be adding this one ingredient to it.

It will make all the difference with your home brew of choice—whether you’re sipping expertly brewed drip coffee or something on the fancy side.

How a milk frother works

If you’re a plain Jane when it comes to your first cup of coffee, a milk frother could be the best thing to happen to your mornings.

Simply pour your milk of choice in your mug and whisk until it’s foamy. Warm milk froths better than cold milk so simmering your creamer will help the bubbles stay in place. Use the foamy goodness to top coffee from your machine or French press and enjoy.

It’s good for matcha and hot chocolate, too

When you order a matcha at the neighborhood coffee shop, you get a well-blended cup of green goodness. When you attempt a powder-based drink like matcha or hot cocoa at home, it’s often a different story.

With a frother, you can make perfectly smooth drinks. There’s no need to use a fork to loosen the matcha or hot chocolate mixture or deal with clumps while sipping. What you’re left with is a smooth, dreamy treat. You’ll be experimenting with all sorts of coffee shop recipes like a pro barista soon! Make sure to follow these other tips for making the perfect cup of coffee.




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