Attention, Java Lovers: You Can Now Apply to Be a Professional Coffee Taster

Drop everything. Your dream job awaits!


We are all familiar with the good ol’ cup of joe. (And if you drink your cuppa black, you could be a psychopath.) But do you know your cappuccinos from your cortados? How about your French press from your AeroPress? If any and/or all of these terms speak to your soul, we just found your dream job.

James Aimer, a Scottish tea and coffee processor, is searching for an enthusiastic tea and coffee lover to join its tasting team. And if you have an “unquenchable thirst to learn” and a passion for all things brewed, then you’ll fit right in. (You’ll also totally relate to the 10 problems all coffee lovers understand.)

The ideal candidate for the head coffee and tea taster position “must have the appropriate communication skills to be able to discuss this technical knowledge in a non-technical and enthusiastic way,” according to the job posting. “It would be advantageous if the individual is a trained barista with good sensory skills.” And the application process couldn’t be easier, either. To be considered for the job, all you need to do is submit a resume.

“The coffee and tea industry is such a vibrant profession to be involved in right now,” General Manager Robert Sinclair told the Daily Record. “Couple this with the hugely exciting developments going on in Dundee and we don’t think it will be difficult to fill this role.”

We couldn’t agree more! That said, you’ll want to submit your application ASAP; we have no doubt that hopeful job seekers are already flocking to fill this position. To make your resume stand out amidst the coffee connoisseurs, make sure to avoid these resume mistakes that could seriously cost you the job.

[Source: Daily Record]

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