Pulled “Pork” for Vegans

A secret ingredient makes BBQ and more a reality for vegans.

A vegan restaurant turns this large fruit into delectable meatless dishes.

Hardcore vegans can now enjoy mock pulled pork sandwiches. The secret is jackfruit, the world’s largest tree fruit, which stands in for the meat. Kansacity.com reported on the startlingly accurate-looking vegan rendition from the restaurant Füd in Kansas City, MI.

According to the author, the sandwich “meat” is soft like a “barely ripe mango.” Toward the middle of the sandwich, the sauce covering the fruit becomes a little too sweet. Others have told Heidi Belle, the owner of Füd that the jackfruit frightens some vegans because it tastes too much like the real thing.

At 165 calories per cup, jackfruit is a low-calorie substitute for meat, but it doesn’t contain enough protein to truly replace other sources of protein in the vegan diet. Check out this recipe for a BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Sandwich from Chow Vegan and find out how to use this meat substitute in your cooking.You’ll most likely have to find the exotic bumpy fruit in a can as the author of Chow Vegan did.

Read the full article: At vegan eatery Füd, barbecue means jackfruit

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