Dreams Really Do Come True: You Can Now Stay on an Island Filled with Puppies!

Pack your bags and get ready to play a lot of fetch.

What are two of the most perfect ways to relax? Soaking in the sun at the beach… and puppies! Hurry, book your flight to the island of Providenciales in Turks & Caicos so you can snuggle and splash in the waves with some furry friends.

The island is filled with about 50-70 puppies rescued every year by the charity Potcake Place. Since the puppies have no shelter or access to food on the island they take them in and then adopt them out to vacationers who visit the island. About 500 dogs get adopted every year.

All of the puppies are Potcake pups; they’re a mix between a Labrador Retriever, English Fox Terrier, and German Shepard. The adoption is free, but you do have to meet certain requirements to be able to take one of these doggos home. The charity helps get all of their puppies ready to be taken home by keeping them healthy and giving them all necessary shots. They will even help you with the paperwork to arrange their flight back to their forever home.

And, even if you aren’t looking to add another member to your family right now, Potcake Place still encourages people to visit the island to play with the puppies and help keep their charity running with a donation.

Now that you have a puppy you can travel the world with them. Make sure to visit these pet friendly national parks.

Source: travelandleisure.com

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