10 Purse Storage Ideas You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Updated: May 09, 2024

Try these easy, affordable purse storage ideas to keep your ever-growing handbag collection in check.

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When it comes to fashion, you’re usually either a shoe girl or a bag girl—and if you’re a purse girl, then you know that finding a chic, convenient way to store them can be a challenge. But, when your purses are scattered all over the place or all bunched up in the corner of your closet, they not only look like a mess, but they’re more likely to get squished, scratched, or damaged. That’s why finding a way for you to keep them organized with a proper purse storage solution is key, especially when learning how to organize a closet.

No matter if you have a handful of favorites you wear over and over again or a dozen handbags that you alternate between, finding smart ways to keep your purses organized is a must. Doing so will not only extend their life and free up some extra closet space, but it’ll also help you know what purses you have—because chances are there are probably a few at the bottom of your purse pile that you have forgotten about. So while it may take a little bit of time to put these walk-in closet organization ideas and small closet ideas to use, we promise it’ll be worth it once you see just how good your purse collection can look after trying our smartest DIY storage ideas or buying one of the best closet organizers from our list.

That’s why we’ve rounded up not one, but ten different purse storage ideas below. From handbag storage ideas for small spaces to smart ways to keep your purses organized and off the floor, these tips have got you covered.

What is the best purse organizer?

The best purse organizer varies from person to person. It depends on your space and what type of organizer fits that area best, as well as what your goal is. For instance, do you want to display your bags in a fashionable way in your closet? If so, something like a shelf with dividers might be best for you because you can use them to keep your purses standing upright and they’ll look super-stylish. However, if you are more concerned with just getting them out of the way so they aren’t in the corner of your closet, something like hooks or a purse rack might be better for you. The best purse organizer also depends on the type of purses you own, their shape, their size, and how many you have, so keep that in mind when you’re hunting for your perfect purse organizer.

How do you store a lot of purses?

If you have way too many purses to count, you might want to consider taking advantage of a couple of different types of purse storage ideas. That way, you don’t have to have all of your handbags in one place. You can also be super organized and switch out the purses you use each season. By doing so, you would keep all of your winter bags (the dark-colored, heavy material ones) inside a storage box under your bed or in the garage and have your summer ones (the bright-colored and fun printed bags) hanging up. This will help you free up your space for the bags you want to have out to use.

How can I organize my purses in my closet?

There are tons of ways to organize your purses that can be cute and functional. You can create purse storage with clear or colorful baskets on a shelf in your closet to help you keep them all in one place. This will look extra professional if you arrange them by color when you’re doing this. If you don’t have shelving in your closet, using an over-the-door rack or coat hangers is also a good storage solution. Remember, you can also take advantage of your floor space and place bins and even magazine racks in a row that you can arrange your purses in.

How do you store a lot of purses in small spaces?

It can be really tricky when you don’t have a lot of room to designate to purse storage, but these clever ideas for how to store purses in small spaces make it possible. The trick is being creative and taking advantage of the space you do have and spaces you aren’t using, like wall space. You can also arrange them out in the open in an artsy way in your room, display them on your window seal, hang them from the corner of your mirror, use a coat rack to hang them on, or even a bookshelf to display them on.

Read on for the very best purse storage and organization ideas you can buy or DIY that’ll keep your purse collection in check.

Hanging Purse Organizervia amazon.com

Hanging purse organizer

Buy it: Zober Purse Organizer

Not only will this product organize all of your bags, but its plastic pockets will also help protect your bags from dust and scratches, too. It has two large pockets and four smaller ones that you can fit multiple-sized bags in. Plus, each pocket is clear so you’ll instantly know which purse is where. If you have space in your closet, this Rebrilliant Gino Handbag Pocket Organizer hangs from a rod and has space on the front and the back for your collection—eight pockets in total.

DIY it: If you’re looking for a way to keep your purses organized and off your floor, grab some coat hangers. Then, place the should strap over the neck of the coat hanger and hang it up on your clothing rack. If you have several small bags with detachable shoulder straps, you can also undo them and hang tons of them from the crossbar of each coat hanger.

Over The Door Purse Rackvia bedbathandbeyond.com

Over the door purse organizer

Buy it: Amazon Over-The-Door Purse Rack

This purse organizer for closets comes with two racks that can each hold 20 purses, and thanks to their adjustable hooks, they can fit any size handbag. Your purses will look organized and be easy for you to find. What more could you want?

DIY it: A no-tool DIY purse rack you can hang over your door sounds pretty great, right? All you need is a heavy-duty length of chain, some S-hooks, and a Command wall hook that’ll stick to your door. Then, you just have to arrange the S-hooks along the chain to accommodate all of your purses.

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Antique Pursesprincessdlaf/Getty Images

Purse hooks for the wall

Buy it: MF Mitford Decorative Wall Hooks For Hanging

When you want to create a statement with your purses, use cute wall hooks. This pack comes with four in a variety of colors. That way, even when you don’t have them all filled with your bags, they will still look pretty on your wall. They’re perfect to place in a mudroom, your bedroom, or the wall of your closet.

DIY it: If you’re searching for chic purse storage ideas for your wall, consider using pegboard. You can cut it into any size your want and even paint it to match your space. Then, you can place as many hooks as you want (and in any pattern you’d like) all over the board to hang your purses from.

Handbag Organizervia containerstore.com

Purse divider

Buy it: The Container StoreAcrylic 4-Section Purse Storage Organizer

Everything from your crossbody bags to your clutches can fit on this type of purse divider made of thick, clear acrylic that lets you see your handbag options all at once. Need more room? They’re stackable, so add on a second…or a third!

DIY it: If you have spare cardboard accordion organizers from the office, slide a purse into one for readymade storage. Since they aren’t clear, snap a photo of the bag to tape on the outside for easy identification.

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Purse And Shoe Organizervia containerstore.com

Purse cubby

Buy it: The Container Store 12-Pair Shoe and Purse Organizer

Are you the type who likes to coordinate their shoes with their bags? An organizer like this one allows you to store them together for quick styling. Another good thing about using an organizer like this one is that it can go in a walk-in closet or be displayed in another room out in the open. To help your bags look their best while on a shelf, fill the inside of them with newspaper or tissue paper so they keep their shape.

DIY it: You can easily create shelving by using a bookcase. Place small baskets on it to create separate spaces for your bags and acrylic boxes for your shoes. Not only is it one of the easiest purse storage ideas, but it’s also one of the most cost-effective. Struggle with keeping the inside of your purse clean? Try the Sauberkugel clean ball, it’s only $13 and does the trick.