The Real Reason Why Queen Elizabeth Only Carries Cash One Day a Week

Can you guess which day it is?

The-Real-Reason-Why-Queen-Elizabeth-Only-Carries-Cash-One-Day-a-Week_8897207m_Ross-McDairmant-PhotographyREXRoss McDairmant Photography/REX/Shutterstock

Queen Elizabeth II hardly leaves the house—or should we say, the palace—without one of her signature Launer purses in hand. In fact, she reportedly owns over 200 of them! They are not just a fashion statement, either; often, she uses her purse to send secret messages. But have you ever ventured to guess what’s inside?

Rumor has it that the Queen often keeps odds and ends like mint lozenges, reading glasses, a fountain pen, and lipstick inside her classic handbag. (She might even throw in her favorite nail polish!) But more often than not, there is one common item missing: money.

Makes sense, right? As the Queen of England, Her Majesty doesn’t need to worry about paying for new wardrobe additions or the occasional midday snack while out and about. And her position begets other awesome perks, too, including celebrating two birthdays every year and making international travel WAY easier.

However, there is one day a week when she does have some cash on hand—and there’s a heartwarming reason why.

The Queen always carries cash on Sundays, which she donates while attending church. Because she’s the head of the Church of England, Queen Elizabeth is a devoted church member, according to the 2012 biography Elizabeth the Queen: The Woman Behind the Throne. A butler irons a five or ten pound note into a small square so she can subtly drop her donation in the collection basket, the biographers report.

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[Source: The Sun]